New projects in the design phase

Our Projects Engineer, Victor, continues to work on the design of the new projects that AiCROV will provide to its clients. This time he is working on the design of a filling line of lube oils in 200 liter drums, which includes the following equipment: 

  • Advance series EL2-B drum filler consisting of a centering and debunging station for drums, 2 filling stations and a capping and sealing station. In this equipment, the entire operation is carried out completely automatically, with a speed of up to 120 drums / hour.
  • Monoblock drum printing and labeling. In this project the client will send the information to be printed through industrial communications, so that no additional configuration is required on the labeling equipment. 
  • Automatic drum palletizer. 
  • Fully automatic horizontal strapping machine for palletized drums. 
  • Fully automatic wrapping machine for palletized drums.
  • Monoblock printing and labeling of palletized drums. As in the previous case, the information to be printed and labeled will be received directly from the control room of our client.


In addition to the designing and manufacturing of filling machinery, AiCROV also performs turnkey projects integrating all the necessary equipment to provide its customers with complete filling lines adapted to all their requirements.


In this type of projects, AiCROV performs the function of Project Manager of filling line, so that the customer can completely disregard the equipment parallel to the filling machine.

In all our projects, we use 3D design tools to perform the custom design of our clients and to ensure that it meets all their requirements. When the design has been finalized, we share it with our client for their latest confirmation before moving on to the manufacturing phase.

This is how we conpletely personalize each of our projects, hand in hand with our client to satisfy all the requirements, special or not, for him to achieve the maximum productivity, efficiency, accuracy and safety of his filling machinery.