New filler ready to fill 30 liter metal drums

New Filler drum filling spainAiCROV engineers have finished this week the manufacture of a new filling machine EL2-E for the filling of thermal insulators for construction in 30 liter metal drums.

This model integrates a centering and uncapping of containers station, an automatic filling station and a capping and sealing of drums station. It also includes an automatic printer / labeller and an automated robotic palletizer.

Due to the viscosity of the product to be filled, the filling process is carried out at a high temperature so that the product can flow correctly. In addition, as the product is filled at high temperature, the capping process is performed with N2 overpressure to avoid deformation of the container once the product cools.

During this week the filler will be transported to Norway to be installed in our client's facilities and start producing with unbeatable productivity in the market.

AiCROV is the market leader in automatic and robotic fillers. Its engineers are experts in designing and manufacturing in a completely personalized way the filling machine that the productive process of our customers needs