Does your company need an automatic filler?

Maquina llenado liquidos

If the production of your company is increasing, it is also necessary to increase productivity and this is achieved with the automation of processes. 

If your filling process is manual and conventional, you need to invest in an automatic or semi-automatic filler, which will offer you important benefits to achieve the desired productivity: 

  • Increase in production: with an automatic or semi-automatic filler, the filling time and the repeatability of processes are drastically reduced. 
  • Increased accuracy in the filling process and therefore reduction of waste (product, time and, of course, money). 
  • Improvement of the quality of the product and the service. 
  • Increase in the safety of the process, both for the product as well as for the operator and for the environment. 
  • Cost reduction: A single operator is needed to control the filling process. 
  • Likewise, the improvement of the quality of the process allows the reduction of product waste and waiting times, times for format changes or maintenance tasks or unwanted stops.

What should you consider to choose the best filler for my project? 

After knowing all the advantages of investing in the automation of filling with a filler to increase productivity and production of your company, it is important to know also the criteria that must be taken into account when selecting the most appropriate filler for your project. 

Jaume Tiñena, Sales & Marketing Director of AiCROV, summarizes below what are the considerations that must be evaluated to select the best filler for your company: 

  • What type of liquid product do you fill? The characteristics of the liquid product to be filled are important to be able to define perfectly which equipment will best suit your needs. We can classify liquid products based on their use (chemical, petrochemical, food, agri-food products...), their physical properties (viscous, sticky, sparkling liquids...), their risks (flammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic...). Its filling temperature should also be taken into account.
  • Do you have any special features? Some liquid products have special characteristics that must be taken into account when selecting the most suitable filler. Some liquids, for example, can modify their state with the change of temperature, produce unwanted lumps or bubbles and even oxidize when they come into contact with oxygen. 
  • What type of container or containers do you use? There are containers of different capacities, as well as different shapes and materials. AiCROV fillers can fill from 1 liter containers (carafes, cans, bottles ...) to 1,500 liter containers (drums and IBC). Depending on the level of automation required, AiCROV fillers can also perform other operations such as positioning the curb, uncapping, inerting, capping, sealing... 
  • What is your level of production? The level of production of your company will define the automation level of the filler. AiCROV manufactures from semiautomatic fillers suitable for low or medium productions up to machines 100% integrated by robots that offer a fully automated filling process, high production and with total control and supervision over the production process.

All right, you know what kind of filler you need. And now, what should you keep in mind to select the best supplier? 

  • Personalized technical advice: AiCROV engineers listen to the needs of their clients and design the machine together with the client in a completely personalized way. One of the pillars of AiCROV is that the success of its customers is also its own success and therefore the entire team puts the maximum effort in getting the filler that best suits the requirements and characteristics of each filling process in particular. 
  • Flexibility: The flexibility of AiCROV manufacturing process facilitates the design and manufacture of the most appropriate and customized filling system for each of its customers. 
  • Precision and accuracy: The AicrovFill® dosing control algorithm makes it possible to carry out the filling process with maximum precision and in the minimum possible time. 
  • Innovation: AiCROV incorporates the latest technologies available in the market in each and every one of its projects to achieve a differential and unique technological proposal for each client. 
  • Experience and excellence in the service: AiCROV puts at your disposal the best team of experts in the filling process engineering. The know-how and experience of its professionals are always at your service through the AiCROVCare Service Plan technical assistance service, which provides you with total safety before any type of incident or action on your machine. 
  • The AiCSoft software package will allow production and maintenance managers to control and supervise the production line remotely and very easily through an app installed on their mobile phone or tablet, and even via web if available of access to a computer connected to the internet.

Contact with our comercial technicial without any commitment and they will assess you about the most suitable filler for your production process.