Does your process require an ATEX certified filler? Then, AiCROV is your solution.

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The filling of inflammable and / or explosive products requires filling machinery that has ATEX certification. 

What does ATEX mean?

The ATEX directive (ATmosphère EXplosive), arising and applicable to the European Union, describes what type of equipment and environment is allowed for work in an explosive atmosphere. EXPLOSIVE ATMOSPHERE means any mixture, under atmospheric conditions, of air and flammable substances in the form of gas, vapor or dust in which, after ignition, the unburned mixture is propagated.

The ATEX directive is aimed at protecting people against the dangers of explosion. It regulates the fundamental safety requirements for the commercialization of products that are used in potentially explosive atmospheres. Non-electric devices are also included. Compliance with what is specified in the Directive must be accredited through the appropriate conformity assessment procedures.

The provisions of the Workers' Protection Directive are focused on the protection of people who are exposed to potentially explosive atmospheres. It also specifies that the employer must prepare an explosion protection document in the framework of the risk assessment. 

Some specifications of the Worker Protection Directive: 

  • Primary protection against explosions: reduction and prevention of the formation of potentially explosive atmospheres. 
  • Secondary explosion protection: prevention of effective ignition sources. 
  • Tertiary explosion protection: attenuation of the effects of an eventual explosion in a way that is not harmful. 

AiCROV engineers design fillers for areas with ATEX classification that adapt to the most demanding conditions, offering completely safe operating environments for operators. 

If you need an ATEX certified filler or with special safety requirements, AiCROV is your manufacturer. 

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