New Robot Filler specially designed for the packaging of dangerous products


The team of engineers from AiCROV's technical office has a new automatic RF filler (Robot Filler) ready to be delivered to our client's facilities.

The equipment includes tools for uncapping and capping of drums, uncapping and capping of IBCs and sealing of drums, in addition to the dosing set.

In AiCROV we customize all projects personalizing them depending on the requirements of the process and the characteristics of the product and the container. The main peculiarity of this machine is that, due to the dangerousness of the product to be filled, the filling robot is completely covered with a protective cover and the entire filling area is protected with a cabin with automatic doors and dedicated gas extraction.

The most automated filling equipment such as the Advanced series RF, are the most recommended for the filling of dangerous products, thanks to the fact that they operate without the need for the intervention of operators during the filling process. In addition, in this project in particular, the RF has been equipped with a fully enclosed cabin with dedicated gas extraction, which protects the work area and allows that the toxic and corrosive vapors that are released during filling are controlled at all times, a benefit for both the safety of operators and the environment.

In this way, the RF exclusively designed and manufactured by AiCROV will guarantee our customer the highest level of safety and control during the filling process.