We work worldwide


This week our technicians will travel to different countries of the world to carry out the implementation of several projects and maintenance work in the facilities of some of our customers. 

One of our electrical and software technicians is already in the production plant of one of our customers in Russia to finalize the integration of a clean room in a SP2 filler. Due to the characteristics of the product to be filled and always under the premise of guaranteeing maximum safety, the company has decided to equip the machine with a clean room as a protection measure for the food product that will be filled by the filling equipment. 

Another of our programmers is moving to Saudi Arabia to put into operation a SP2 filler for filling bitumen, a very viscous and high density product that must be filled at high temperature to allow it to flow properly. 

On the other hand, another two technicians will travel to Egypt to perform the installation and starting of a EL2-E model for the filling of several chemical products in a fully automatic way, and integrated into a complete production line. The automatic filler EL2-E is a model designed for high filling productions with a high level of automation, integrating both the filling and the lidding of the cylinders. 

Finally, at the end of July a team of technicians will travel to Italy to install the most advanced filling machine and with the highest level of automation in the global market, a Robot Filler for the filling of chemical products. AiCROV's RF offers the customer the highest level of productivity, safety and control in the filling process.