We present our new video of a new EL2-E filler in operation

Click on the link to check the efficiency of filling a new fully automatic EL2-E filling machine from the Advanced Series.

The AiCROV’s model EL2-E from the Advanced Series provides the highest level of productivity, safety and control in the filling process.

In the video you can see the following features and advantages of this machine:

  • Fully automatic filling of containers from 1 to 60 litres. Weight control-based filling technology, which offers great added value due to its accuracy in the filling and also in the ease of cleaning of all wet parts of the equipment.
  • It can be fully integrated into a complete production line by means of motorized conveyors at both the infeed and outfeed of the filling machine. AiCROV manufactures turnkey projects integrating this equipment with others such as depalletisers, labelling machines, palletisers, shrinkwrappers...
  • This custom model for one of our customers is equipped with two automatic filling stations (under bunghole filling). However, this machine can integrate up to 4 filling stations.
  • It also integrates an automatic capping station and an automatic caps feeder.
  • The productivity of this model EL2-E with 2 filling stations is 300 canisters of 25 liters per hour. Depending on the number of stations and the configuration of the equipment, productivity can reach up to 1000 containers/hour of this same capacity.
  • Includes the CIP accessory (Cleaning In Place) integrated in the equipment for the internal and external cleaning of the filling lances, which allows the cleaning of the lances without the need for the operator to dismantle the equipment and avoid cross-contamination between different incompatible products.
    There is the option of providing the external CIP so that the operator can clean the filling nozzles while continues producing with other filling lances and different products.
  • Integrates a rejection system through which the containers with a final net weight over/under the tolerances set by the operator are discarded. If the capping control is integrated with torque control, the rejection may also reject containers with capping defects.
  • Filling system with our Smart Filling technology that guarantees the maximum precision and accuracy in the filling process, reducing the dead times, which implies an increase in the productivity and profitability of its production plant.

On the other hand, the installation required for this type of equipment is very simple, since all the elements are integrated in the same monoblock, so the installation and comissioning time is drastically reduced.

With the AiCROV EL2-E model everything are advantages for both the organization and the operator.

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