Reduce production costs with AiCROV's Robot Filler

Why do we ensure that our RF model filler guarantees the maximum productivity of your filling process?


  • Because the RF is mainly integrated by a robot and is the most technologically advanced filler that offers the highest level of automation along the process.
  • The RF is ideal for continuous and long-term production processes.
  • It is a very flexible equipment with a very small format change time.
  • Its level of efficiency thanks to the technology of the robot and the proportional filling AiCROVFill function, with which all AiCROV machines work, guarantee the maximum quality of the product and minimize waste, as well as waiting times for changes of format or container and unwanted stops.
  • It does not require the assistance of operators during the filling process, which means saving a significant fixed cost.
  • It is highly recommended for the filling of dangerous liquid products, being able to install it inside a cabin with extraction of vapors in the way that the operator works in its exterior in safe conditions.
  • Possibility of installing it in flammable or explosive ATEX areas.
  • The costs of both preventive and corrective maintenance are very low.

If you are thinking about acquiring new machinery, renewing your filling machinery or even adapting it to smart manufacturing, do not hesitate to contact us for more information about the most automated filler in the market.