A new fully automatic AiCROV filling machine that will increase our customer’s productivity

We have just finished the manufacturing of a new EL2-E filling machine that will give to our customer an increase of their productivity and also implement quality control of the filled containers.

It is a EL2-E filling machine, the most advanced and automated from the Advanced series of AiCROV for filling hydrogen peroxide in containers from 1 to 60 liters. Once the FAT tests will be done with the client in our facilities, the machine will be sent to Egypt to be installed and start producing with the maximum performance.


The configuration of the machine has been customized in its design phase according to the characteristics and requirements of the production process of our client:

  • Integrates motorized conveyors both in the infeed and outfeed of the filling machine, so that it can be integrated into a complete production line.
  • It is equipped with two filling stations with under bunghole filling and an automatic capping station. It also has an automatic cap feeder.
  • Includes the CIP accessory (Cleaning In Place) integrated into the equipment for internal and external cleaning of the filling lances without the need for the operator to take them out from the machine.
  • It integrates a rejection system where the containers with a weight above or below the tolerance set by the operator are discarded.


AiCROV's engineers are the creators of the AicrovFillÒ filling algorithm, based on the Smart Filling technology that AiCROV can be very proud of, which allows to make the filling process with the highest precision, reducing to the maximum the waste of time and product, in order to optimize the production process of our client.


In this way, we manage to maximize our customer's production value once again.