Take a look at the RFx4, our new filling machine model which offers the highest level of automation and safety!


AiCROV has launched a new fully Automatic Filling Machine for drums and IBC, called RFx4, 100% composed by robots. It includes the automatic debunging - filling - bunging - sealing of drums directly on pallet with a productivity of 120 drums/hour, and without need of any operator, all the process is done fully automatic.

It is the highest technical solution and most innovative of liquid filling machines for drum filling on pallet on the world, unique in the global market and has been developed by AiCROV in Barcelona (Spain). It was a tailor-made design made for one of the most important customers of the company, and due the very successful result AiCROV has decided to launch it to the global market.

It’s very useful for any customer who has a need of continuous filling of a high quantity of drums or IBC with any type of liquid. And it is especially recommendable to use it for the fill of highly flammable or explosive products due all the operation is done directly on pallet and there’s no need to manipulate the drums after being filled with a palletizing system.

Other of the advantages of the RFx4 is that, because of being made with robots, the required maintenance is very low, and the durability and the live cycle of the installation is much higher than the traditional equipment.

These types of installations are also equipped with a remote access module, to allow AiCROV to connect remotely to the filling machine for software updates and also diagnose and solve any problem on the installation, giving a very fast and effective response to our clients.

Most of the clients with a high daily production of drums and IBC filling have shown his interest on this equipment and AiCROV is already working in many projects with the RFx4 machine.