New project in Norway with the EL2-E model


One of the AiCROV's upcoming projects will be installed in Norway, an EL2-E model of the Advanced series, the fully automatic filling monobloc for small format containers. The client was recently visited in his facilities to do the Design Review as a final phase of definition.

The Design Review provides a high degree of personalization to each of our projects as each part of the filling system is defined together with the customer, adapting it to the type of product, level of automation required and production speed.

This machine will fill chemical products for coatings into 30 litre metal drums. The line includes the following fully automated workstations:

-Centering of drums + Uncapping.

-Reserve station for future installation of a second filling station.

-Filling station.

-Capping Station with nitrogen feed and sealing of drums.

Due to the need of filling the product at high temperature, it is planned to install an overpressure system before the capping to prevent deformation of the container when the product gets cold.

In addition to the filling machine, the project integrates an automatic label printer, a labelling head and also a fully automated palletizing system, so that the customer only has to place empty containers at the beginning of the line and take out the pallets with the filled and sealed containers at the end.


Another big advantage of this filling system is that it integrates a data storage software of the filling process for its later treatment and review.


With this AiCROV EL2-E filling machine our client will obtain a complete automation of the packaging process, increasing productivity and safety.