Next week we will issue a new LSC semiautomatic filler destined to the facilities of our client Sunavo BV in Ethiopia.

This LSC filler of the Plug & Fill series has been designed and manufactured to fill 1000 liter IBCs with avocado oil, with a production of up to 15,000 liters per hour (15 IBC / hour).

The fillers of the Plug & Fill series have the advantage that they do not require any installation and it is very simple to configure, so once our client receives it in their facilities and plugs it, its start-up will be immediate. Its operation is simple and stands out for its reliability and durability.





This particular Filling Machine has been customized according to the customer's product with the following special characteristics:

- It integrates an intertization system with nitrogen through the dosing lance to inertize the food product while it is being packed.

- Includes a pneumatic tool for uncovering and covering the IBCs.

AiCROV designs and manufactures fillers and filling projects for chemical and petrochemical products, as well as agri-food products, as is the case of this new project that our client will soon have at full capacity in its filling plant in Ethiopia.