AiCROV is proud to say that 2018 has been one of the best years in its history with excellent results. In fact, the company has increased its turnover by 277%.
During the year 2018, AiCROV has gone on to play in the first division of the design and manufacture of systems, lines and turnkey projects for filling liquids and to compete with important international companies. Guided by a new strategic plan, the year began with a significant increase of its workforce to satisfy the new demands of competing in the "top ten" and significantly increasing the resources allocation to the Areas of Product and Innovation and Development.
All this added to the great advantages of working with a company such as AiCROV, whose value proposition is its flexibility and adaptability, since the design and manufacture of its projects are completely personalized to the requirements of each of its clients. The design and manufacturing process of AiCROV is carried out jointly with the client, hand in hand. Although it goes beyond flexibility, since AiCROV engineers build a true commitment with the client to exceed their expectations.
Customers known as Shell, Dynea, Systempool, BASF or Ecolab are some of the clients that have trusted AiCROV in 2018, among many others of equal relevance for the company. It should also be remembered that in 2018 the entire AiCROV team has been working on the world's largest filling engineering project for its Indian client Bharat Petroleum Corporation, with 16 filling robots operating simultaneously.
2018 has been an excellent year for AiCROV thanks to the work and effort of its entire team. The fact of having introduced transversal work methodologies that involve all the staff at all levels has been a great challenge for the company in 2018, which has allowed it to obtain magnificent results.
In 2018 AiCROV has managed to consolidate in the Indian market and in the Middle East and has initiated the opening to new markets, the consolidation of which will be one of the main objectives of the current year 2019. Although the prospects for this year are positive, for AiCROVS managing direction every year is a new challenge, so that all its team will continue working with enthusiasm and dedication to exceed once more the expectations of their clients and achieve the highest level of excellence.