Another of our multiple filling projects is already installed in the plant of our client Shell Spain.

It is an automatic filling system model SP2 of the Compact series for filling a base product for the production of lubricating oil for motors using IBC containers of 1,500 kg capacity over pallet.

The equipment has been designed and manufactured to meet the needs of our client, the energy company Shell Spain, for its lubricant manufacturing plant in Tarragona, one of the most modern and innovative in Europe.
The feeding of the containers is automatic, using fully automated motorized roller conveyors both at the entrance and exit of the IBCs, with an accumulation capacity of eight pallets. Moreover, the system is configured to carry out the process of bunging and debunging the containers with a pneumatic system. The infeed and outfeed of pallets is carried out from the same point in order to reduce the transport paths of IBCs, which implies the bidirectional motorization of the conveyors.

The innovative design of this filling system allows to increase productivity and cost/efficiency of the production process of our client, since the operation of loading, filling and storing is carried out by a single worker. However, two workers can cooperate to reduce intermediate operating times.

Our SP2 filling system is recommended for medium productions and frequent changes of format or product and stands out for its quick configuration and start, as well as its ease of use.

AiCROV’s filling systems also guarantee maximum productivity and efficiency in the filling process thanks to our Smart Filling technology and the AicrovFill® filling algorithm, which allow the filling process to be carried out with the maximum precision and accuracy and the less possible time, adapting to different types of product and environment.