The Product Area of ​​AiCROV has incorporated a tool that allows to evaluate effectively the designs and subject them to real conditions to increase product quality while reducing the costs of prototype manufacturing and physical testing of the product.

It is a static and dynamic linear and nonlinear structural analysis tool that uses the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) method to predict the physical behavior in real environments of our products through virtual tests of our CAD models.

This innovation enables us to optimize the designs, determine the mechanical resistance of the products, their durability, the topology, the natural frequencies and test the heat transfer and the buckling instabilities.

Once we have the CAD design verified, we still have one more level of verification through 3D printing in onyx with which rigid, strong and precise pieces can be made. Even being 1.4 times stronger and more rigid than ABS, onyx can be reinforced with any continuous fiber.

This new resource from AiCROV allows us to commercialize products more quickly without sacrificing quality or performance and offers us a concurrent engineering approach, which helps us to know, during the design phase, if our product will work correctly and the duration it will have.

With this simulation solution we have expanded our research and testing capabilities and now we have fast and reliable designs, improving their analysis and sustainability evaluation.