AiCROV has signed a bilateral collaboration agreement with the company Shemesh Atomation this week to expand its commercial and technical assistance network.

Within the framework of the most important show of the packaging sector in UK, the PPMA Show, to which both AiCROV and Shemesh Automation participated as exhibitors, Albert Rovira, CEO of AiCROV, and Josep Maria Serra, Sales & Marketing Director, signed a collaboration agreement with Shemesh Automation, represented by its CEO, Shai Shemesh, and its VP global sales and business development manager, Nir Baram, to commercialize and facilitate commercial and technical service bilaterally, thus multiplying the capacity of both companies to provide pre-sale and post-sales services in countries where the two companies have infrastructure.

The product portfolio of Shemesh Automation is well known by AiCROV, since in previous occasions it has been integrated into turnkey projects of AiCROV, thus confirming the quality and good work of a company with more than twenty-five years of history in the market of high cadence volumetric liquid fillers.

Shemesh Automation greatly appreciates the complementary nature of AiCROV's technical-commercial network, as well as the possibility of expanding its product offer with innovative large-format filling systems, especially those systems with a higher degree of automation, such as AiCROV’s Robot Filler.

In the Picture from left to right: Nir Baram, VP global sales and business development manager of Shemech Automation, Shai Shemesh, CEO of Shemesh Automation, Albert Rovira, CEO of AiCROV, and Josep Maria Serra, Sales & Marketing Director of AiCROV.