The AiCSoft software, designed by AiCROV, is part of the AiCROV 4.0 software package and it can be added to the Plug & Fill, Compact and Advanced AiCROV filling systems. This software allows to store production data in a relational database able to manage and treat it. It is a tool that allows the traceability of the theoretical and real filling parameters either for containers or production batches.

The software allows to apply data filters, to see results on the screen and generate production reports according to the filtered data. In addition, the data can be exported to an Excel file and it can be integrated into the customer's ERP systems for greater production control.

With this innovation, AiCROV reaches the establishment of AiCROV 4.0 concept and its progress towards industry 4.0 and smart production, since it connects its filling systems to the network with the ability to share data through the cloud and allowing access from any device, since it is a multiplatform software.

Moreover, thanks to this software, AiCROV 4.0 systems allow to generate and manage preventive maintenance reports in order to achieve a more efficient management which would provide the maximum reliability of the filling system. They also offer a list of incidents which helps to analyse their origin in order to be able to perform the most effective maintenance and it allows the readjustment of the preventive maintenance to avoid to repaet them in the future.