LSC2AiCROV launches a new version of its well-known range of Plug&Fill fillers designed specifically for companies that need a simple liquid filling system, easy to install and use, the LC series.

The AiCROV LC systems offer a solution focused on the filling function and are the most suitable filling option for low volume production processes, in which the most important thing is the flexibility to adapt to different liquids, reducing costs, without however, give up precision in filling.

The LC series filling systems do not require installation, since they are pre-configured, reason why they are extremely simple to use. The movement of the containers is manual, although there is the possibility to add free roller conveyors. The alignment between the bunghole and the lance is manual, the lifting system of the dosing lance is pneumatic and the filling itself is automatic.

As all the liquid filling systems that AiCROV designs and manufactures, the LC systems are designed according to the customer necessities, incorporating diverse materials and finishes in the structural zone and in the humid parts. Regarding the filling operation, the LC system allows two different systems depending on the type of product and container: positioning the dosing lance on the curb or under the curb.

The LC series consists of the LSB-LC, LSG-LC, LSC-LC and SP1-LC systems, for filling all types of liquid products in containers from 1 to 250 liters (drums, cans, cans, barrels and barrels) ) and from 20 to 1,500 liters on pallet (drums, barrels, barrels and IBC).