AiCROV has celebrated today the AiCROV 4.0 Journey attended by customers, suppliers, partners, family and friends.

The reason of this event is the presentation of the new AiCROV 4.0. The AiCROV 4.0 concept is defined as the Re-Evolution of the company in 2 steps: a Re-Evolution of the product and a Re-Evolution of the organization. A Re-Evolution that takes place with the aim of completing the evolution of AiCROV towards Industry 4.0 and is taking on the new and important projects that AiCROV is manufacturing.

Aicrov’s 4.0. organization uses more efficient and functional organizational structures and work processes, allowing the optimization of production processes and improving customer satisfaction. AiCROV has presented the design and manufacturing of smart filling projects. The goal of AiCROV 4.0. is to prepare the liquid filling systems and filling lines to be used in factories 4.0.

AiCROV designs and manufactures smart systems ready to be integrated into the production management software of the customer and thus offer greater control over production.

The conference has consisted of an internal session addressed to the employees with the aim of informing, training and motivating AiCROV employees regarding the Company Re-Evolution and an external part, during which our CEO has presented the new AiCROV 4.0 and its smart filling systems to customers, suppliers, family and friends.

The occasion was also used to present and celebrate the inauguration of AiCROV new facilities, which are larger, more functional and modern, ready to carry out AiCROV’s Re-Evolution.