Advancing towards smart manufacturing

AiCROV improves the quality of its products and services thanks to the use of a new 3D printer

AiCROV has improved its manufacturing process with the renewal of its 3D printer for the premanufactured prototypes with high precision parts for its filling projects.
The use of a 3D printer in the AiCROV production processes is another example of its motivation to be the most technologically advanced and innovative company dedicated to the dosing of liquids. The incorporation of this new technology in the AiCROV manufacturing processes represents a huge step towards smart manufacturing, which is committed to the integration of higher value-added solutions and the use of new emerging technologies for the products manufacturing.
IMG 20180516 152012The team responsible for designing and manufacturing AiCROV’s projects uses the 3D printer to manufacture test pieces in Onyx reinforced with fiberglass from their designs, which are used to test new filling systems projects . Once they have been tested, they are replaced by the final steel pieces that will make up the final product.
The 3D printer represents an important step for the development of new products and for the manufacture of AiCROV’s drum filling systems, since it reduces production time while improving the quality of the final product.