An innovation from AiCROV permits to halve the filling time

AiCROV incorporates the system of artificial vision 3D in its new projects

At AiCROV we were investigating and experimenting for years with new filling technologies.
Because of our efforts to continuously improve our filling systems and thus offer the liquid filling solutions that best adapt to the demands of our customers and the market, at AiCROV we have successfully tested 3D artificial vision in our products. It has been incorporated with total confidence in our Advanced filling systems.

The 3D Artificial Vision system realizes a scan of the surface of the containers, creating a 3D model in form of points which allows us to know the exact position of the bunghole, its height and degrees of horizontal inclination.

But how exactly does the customer benefit from? Till the date, the systems of artificial vision 2D required that the containers, to be processed in the machine, were perfectly placed on the pallet and, that the upper part of these, was perfectly horizontal. Each degree of inclination caused, to a lesser or greater extent, errors in the calculation of the position of the curbs, directly proportional to the imperfection of the containers. With the new 3D technology, this optical effect is minimized, so that the level of efficiency of the machine, mainly in plastic containers (they are the ones that acquire the most deformations in the manufacturing process) increases considerably, allowing to half the filling time.

The improvement in the efficiency of the calculation of the positions of the bungholes translates directly into a greater reliability of the process, minimizing a machine stop due to bad alignments between the bunghole and the machine.

Definitely, the use of this new technology in our filling systems for our customers allows them to reduce production costs, increase the productivity of their filling processes and meet the highest standards of safety and quality.