AiCROV incorporates Robots to its Filling Systems

The ROBOT FILLER in AiCROV is the first liquid Filling System on the market which incorporates an industrial robot

The industrial robot is used nowadays in all the industrial sectors and is a very improved and reliable product which permits to increase the precision and the control of all the industrial processes.

AiCROV is the most innovative and dynamic company in design and manufacturing of liquid dosing and filling systems for big-sized containers. For this reason, after several years of investigation of the application of new technologies for its projects, AiCROV incorporates industrial robots in its most automated filling systems.

The Robot Filler from AiCROV is an automated system for weighted filling from 20 to 1500 litres, placed over a pallet. The robot carries different, for the Filling necessary, tools, detects automatically the bunghole and controls and supervises the process. With the Robot Filler from AiCROV, the filling process expedites, reduces the filling time and increases the efficiency, the precision and the weight control, reducing possible waste. The relation time of filling – precision of filling is adjustable, which permits to customize the filling systems according to the necessities of each of the customers.

All the Filling Systems of AiCROV are incorporating the filling function AicrovFill®, based on the Smart Filling concept created by AiCROV, which permits to ensure the standards of lean manufacturing, minimizing waste, both of time and product.