drum filling systems
AiCROV is leader in innovation and new technologies for liquid filling equipments. AiCROV is constantly developing technologically in order to be able to guarantee to our customers the best and most optimum filling equipment according to our customer necessities and demands. AiCROV has carried out the development and installation of a filling and palletizing line in an important chemical company. This filling line consists of our Robot Filler, a fully automatic drum and IBC filling machine. Our Robot Filler is equipped with an artificial vision system which is able to automatically locate the drum and IBC bunghole. Moreover, at the end of the filling line we have installed an automatic wrapping machine with a rotating table. All the installation is in compliance with all the security, safety and technical specifications demanded by the customer. AiCROV studied the customer necessities and we applied all our resources and technological innovations in order to get the best design and solution. The customer was able to see the filling line in advance though a 3D layout.