Clean our system in process

IMG 1289 MediumMany of our clients have the same problem, how can they clean the rods and spears after filling, without contamination risk in the next filling.

As we solve this problem? Actually, many of our clients clean the filling lances with specific products in the best way they could, and there was no 100% security not then have problems pollution ... but, how can we ensure this process?

To explain an example, because we have different cases, some of our customers made scents, Could you imagine how they are to be clean the filling lance and filters after a completed "vanilla flavor," then another "coconut flavor "and the same day another" chocolate flavor"?

For all these cases we have our CIP (clean in process system) where through a product recirculation inside and outside of the filling lance, it guarantee a complete disinfection and cleaning.

How does it work? It is very easy with these 4 steps:

1 / The operator extract the filling lance, it is done in seconds without tools.

2 / The rod is inserted into the CIP, which is a sheath which already is subject measure.

3 / The product recirculate for all the filling lance, inside and outside, with the product (water, alcohol, detergents ...) all the minutes necessaries for the process.

4 / The CIP lance is removed and replaced in the filling machine, you can now perform re-filling with another product and with full guarantees.

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