Olive Oil Drum Filling Equipment

One of our machines leaves today for the land of Seville, heading to its new job filling Extra Virgin Olive Oil - one of the Mediterranean diet's greatest treasures, loved worldwide.

As most of those of you who follow us know, all of our machines are prepared to fill all sorts of substances, from highly corrosive acids to food products, and this time it'll be the latter, with our machine heading for a first level food industry firm.

Filling Extra Virgin Olive Oil

oilThis Andalusian cooperative that purchased one of our SP1 machines is a leading expert in the harvesting, collection and pressing of some of the world best Virgin Oils. Among the great many certifications they have earned for their quality and high standards, some are specially notable for their importance and prestige, such as the IFS-Food Standard certificate, the BRC-global Standard for Good Safety certificate, the ISO14001 certificate, or the Certification of Quality of the Andalu-sian government.

Due to all this, this prestigious cooperative boasts numerous prizes awarded to their product, both national and international. These include, among others, 1st place at the Mario Solinas award in both 2012 and 2013, the Alimentos de España award awarded by the Spanish Ministry for Agricul-ture and Environment, a Golden Medal to Extra Virgin Olive Oil awarded in 2012/2013 as well as silver and gold medals awarded by the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Oil competition and the Gand Prestige Gold at Israel in 2011/2012, a Gourmet d'Or in 20011, a silver medal at the Oli-vAsia contest in China, and a great many more state-level awards.

Our experts can build a filling machine that will deal with anything. This can be anything from corrosive materials to food grade products, the list of possibilities is endless. One speciality is oil drum filling. Food grade items do need to be treated with extra care and our designers and manufacturers and very aware of that. That is why they use all of their experience to make sure that the machine they provide for you will suit your needs specifically. They will also make sure that the machine can cope effectively with the oil inside it.

What they will do is discuss your needs with you, as well as your budget and design a machine that will do what you need. We do this for every customer, to make sure that they get the solution that suits them the best. This means that we are very experienced in listening to what our customers want and putting together a filling machine that will fulfil their needs.

We understand about all types of liquids and how they need to be treated and handled and so will do the same with oil. We understand how there are different regulations around food grade products and will take that into consideration when designing your machine. We will make sure that what you end up with will be fully safe and comply with the rules about food production.

We are proud of the work that we do and aim to please all of our customers. We are careful to make sure that we incorporate everything that you need into the design as long as it falls within your budget. We will discuss everything with you so that you can be sure that you will get exactly the right thing for you. Then we leave the design with our expert team of manufacturers to put it together. They will make sure that everything is reliable and robust so that you will get a machine that works well and will last a long time. We also design our filling machines to be really easy to use. This means that you will not have to go through a lot of training in order to work out how to use it or waste valuable employee time making sure that they know how to use it as well. This can save lots of time as well as frustration and money, in the long term.

Bringing greater

Bringing greater quality to filling processes

aceite2As you can imagine, such an expensive and constantly examined product should be well protected - and that's why they purchased an SP1 filling machine with a long lance filling valve.

This system employs a long lance filling valve featuring a dual layer construction, which allows a nitrogen feed to circulate into the container, thereby inertizing it in order to conserve all of the pro-duct's most desirable properties. Nitrogen gas is odorless, tasteless, and colorless, so it does not cause any alteration within the product and ensures it will arrive at its destination in the exact same conditions it was first sealed into its container.