Our new SP3 prototype becomes a reality

For months, we at Aicrov have been working on a new, cutting edge filling machine prototype. And at last, after an exhaustive design and testing process, and having more than earned the endorsement of the Spanish Ministry of Science, it's now a reality.

Therefore, we're proud to introduce the CDTI project. It's a drum filling machine equipped with an artificial vision system, created in collaboration with the CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development).

Our AV-equipped SP3 filling machine

The CDTI project is a filling machine model that comes equipped with an artificial vision system that lets it line up its filling valve and fill the drums completely automatically.

In order to perform its positioning function, the Artificial Vision system photographs each drum independently and uses recognition software to locate the exact position of the drum's bunghole, which will give the filling valve its position range for accurate filling. The parameters obtained by the AV system are instantly stored in the internal data matrix of the machine's controller. Once every container on the pallet has been thus analyzed, these parameters are used to quickly and accurately position the filling valve and automatically fill the drums. 

The CDTI proyect features, for filling control, a Mettler toledo high precision weighing system. This system precisely controls the product flow depending on the current weight of the drum, to achieve maximum exactitude in the filling. 

The CDTI project also features full-range three-dimensional movement for its filling valve, thanks to a multiple motorized axis system, and an automatic drum capping system that will position itself in the same manner as the filling valve when programmed to do so by an operator. 

While it was originally meant to be designed as a drum filling machine, for both plastic and metallic drums, the final SP3 model's functionality is far wider, allowing it to work with many kinds of container, including canisters and pails of various capacities.