We guarantee maximum efficiency across the filling processes

All our machines feature the AicrovFill® filling function, which has been under development and testing for over 20 years.

The Smart Filling concept, which allows for carrying out the filling process with maximum accuracy and precision and in the least amount of time possible, all while adapting to different types of product, containers and environment.

The Smart Filling technology allows for achieving levels of productivity that are superior to those of other comparable machines, which coupled with unparalleled accuracy and precision, yields the most attractive productivity ratios in the market.

This allows us to maximise the value of our clients' production.

At AiCROV, it is our belief that each project is unique, and this is why among other factors, we design each filling system taking into account the liquid product, the industrial setting and theproductivity and safety, all in aid of offering a filling system that is a perfect match for each client and situation.


The AicrovFill® function allows for adjusting the filling mode according to the product and environment

Below surface filling mode:
Suitable for products that are foaming, flammable, explosive, etc.

Under bunghole filling mode:
Suitable for filling products that are non-foaming, non-flammable,non-explosive or presenting high density or viscosity.

Over bunghole filling mode:
Suitable for filling highly viscous, non-foaming products, such as greases, paint, etc. in containers lacking a bunghole.


Container fine filling fully adjusts to the filling objective

External fine filling:
The dosing lance only opens and closes. Changes in flow are carried out externally.

Machine fine filling:
The dosing lance is able to change between thick and thin flow when needed. The fine flow level is adjusted mechanically.

Proportional fine filling:
A proportional actuator allows for linking the level of openingduring fine filling using the filling parameters in such a way that the adjustments are carried out from the control panel. Proportional fine filling is suitable for filling products presenting varying viscosities and densities using the same system.